Yoga for Kids Tree Pose with Rainbow Pammy

Rainbow Pammy Set to Empower Children Worldwide

New kids yoga video, Bali Jungle Adventure is out now.

July 12, 2017  |  Read More >

Free Guided Meditation for Children

Let’s dedicate today’s practice to peace.

June 21, 2017  |  Read More >

Rainbow Pammy Relaxing Kids With Yoga

Kids Yoga Sequence for Bedtime

Is your child finding it hard to wind down before bedtime?

June 20, 2017  |  Read More >

Mindfulness May Week One

Week One Gratitude and morning rituals

May 1, 2017  |  Read More >

Mindfulness Month

Join Us For A Month Of Mindfulness.

March 27, 2017  |  Read More >

Kids Yoga Affirmation Cards

How to use our Kids Yoga and Affirmation Cards

Rainbow Pammy takes us through how to make the most of our Kids Yoga and Affirmation Cards!

September 11, 2016  |  Read More >

Kids Yoga Affirmation Cards

Instructional Yoga And Affirmation Cards For Kids

We are so super excited to announce that our beautiful Yoga and Affirmation Cards for Kids are now available for pre order!

July 3, 2016  |  Read More >

5 Basic Yoga Poses for Kids

5 basic yoga poses giving your little yogis a great introduction to the foundations of yoga!

May 30, 2016  |  Read More >

Kids’ Yoga Day!

Here at Rainbow Pammy Yoga, we are so excited to be apart of the very first Kids’ Yoga Day! Kids’ Yoga Day was founded by Author, Teresa Power of ABC of Yoga For Kids, with the mission to help raise awareness and ignite a passion for yoga with as many children as possible at the same… View Article

March 2, 2016  |  Read More >

6 Reasons Why Children Should do Yoga!

Everyones into yoga! If they aren’t already, here are 6 reasons why your kids should be doing yoga too!

October 19, 2015  |  Read More >